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Portable ATEX

Safety and efficiency driven-equipment built to perform in the most complex and demanding environments.

Centurion Flushing & Testing provides Portable ATEX Equipment for various applications for clients in critical industries.

Portable ATEX communications equipment is ideal for use in oil and gas, chemical, mining, and other critical industries where safety is paramount. Whether you need to communicate effectively in noisy environments or require hands-free communication, portable ATEX communications equipment is the perfect solution for your needs.

Portable ATEX Communications Equipment

Many of our clients operate in hazardous areas and require additional equipment. To ensure they can get a full package, we can offer a range of Zone rated equipment to communicate during the project. Everything is sent out inspected, tested and ready for use.

Our range of portable ATEX communications equipment includes ATEX Peltor Headset & Push to Talk, ATEX Radio, and ATEX Remote Speaker Microphone.

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