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Safety Tools

Delivering solutions that are on the "cutting-edge".

Centurion Power & Equipment is the exclusive UK Distributor for Safety Tools Allmet.

Safety Tools Allmet provides Norwegian-made cold work surface preparation grinding and cutting tools, designated safe to use in EX dust and gas zones 1 and 2, and tested by DNV. These tools have been used by leading businesses across the global critical industries for over two decades, offering significant health, safety and performance benefits.

Safety Tools Allmet tools can be used in a host of different applications - weld removal, drilling deck projects, deck plate removal, topside pipe cutting, grating removal, pinhole corrosion, bolt removal, edge smoothing, valve corrosion, stuck bolts, paint removal, topcoat removal, material removal, and much more.

  • Ex-certified by DNV
  • No need for Hot Work Permit
  • No demanding Risk Evaluations
  • No job postponements
  • No need for habitats
  • No need for fireguards
  • No hot sparks
  • No dangerous sharp splinters
  • Low heat (30-60°C average)
  • Low vibration (2.5 m/s average)
  • Low noise (80-85 dB average)
  • Average Roughness Profile of 40-75 micron
  • Disks and files are harder than an Industrial Diamond, which means they are long lasting. 

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