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A comprehensive range of welding equipment capable of Manual Metal Arc (MMA), TIG and MIG welding operations.

All of Centurion Power & Equipment's machines are repaired, serviced and calibrated in-house by manufacturer-trained technicians and can be supplied in numerous different package configurations, including all necessary accessories according to your specific requirements.

The R4000 and R5000 series of advanced inverter power sources are versatile, lightweight and portable. Housed in robust casings, these units are extremely reliable in the most challenging conditions.

T300 DC ARC Initiation Unit

The TIG300 High Frequency Control Unit is one of the most compact TIG units available. Connect to any Newarc constant current (cc) or multi-process (cccv) machine to gain TIG facility. The TIG300 provides gas pre-and-post purge control and a high frequency striking.

Viper 2500S HF TIG Unit

The Viper 2500S is a unique, compact TIG control unit that independently controls the welding current of any DC power source without the need for auxiliary or control cables. It operates from the open circuit voltage of any DC power source with an output of 40-100 V (petrol or diesel generators, rectifiers, inverters, etc.), can be used with one or two-piece torches, and provides excellent MMA and TIG welding characteristics.

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