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Inspection Services

Using unrivalled innovation and cutting-edge technology to deliver the safest inspection services on the market.

Centurion Power & Equipment provides state-of-the-art drone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology as part of our inspection services.

We continually seek to add value for our clients - whether it be partnering with innovative cutting-edge manufacturers or simply improving processes giving greater value for money. We are continually adding to our portfolio of inspection services to ensure the latest technology is at our clients' disposal.

To complement our existing services, we have partnered with Air Control Entech (ACE), a robotics, crawler systems and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection company.

Our fully-qualified Inspection Engineers work with ACE’s skilled pilots to deploy this cutting-edge technology to carry out inspections in areas where access is difficult, unsafe, or unsuitable for personnel - leading to valuable time-saving, cost-cutting and safety benefits.

  • Live Flare Inspections
  • General Topside Inspections
  • Jacket Structural Inspections
  • FPSO Hull Inspections
  • Internal Tank Inspections
  • COT and WBT
  • Flare Boom Structural Inspections
  • Coating Breakdown Assessments
  • 3D Photogrammetry
  • Decommissioning Surveys
  • Drop Surveys.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.