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Expert in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to deliver industry-leading technical buildings.

Bespoke, globally-compliant Technical Buildings.

From harsh North Sea conditions to the temperature extremes of the GCC's petrochemical facilities, Centurion Accommodation & Modular has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver Technical Buildings that protect your people and assets. Should the unforeseen happen, our customers can be assured that equipment is safely stored and protected from the potential outcome of an on-site fire, explosion or seismic event.

Our range of Technical Buildings includes Control Rooms, Local Equipment Rooms, Substation Modules, E-Houses, Electrical Skids, Skid Packages, Trailer Mounted Packages, Data Centers and Blast-Resistant Buildings.

Control Rooms

Pressurized, equipped with fire suppression systems and HVAC with chemical filtration, our Control Rooms can be supplied with equipment from your approved manufacturer and managed by our team of dedicated Project Managers. You can be assured that your Control Room will deliver for your operational challenges.

Local Equipment Rooms

Our Local Equipment Rooms are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, providing customers with a controlled environment for cabinets, control system components, consoles, HVAC and other systems and equipment. Each Local Equipment Room can be tailored to project-specific requirements and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Substation Modules

Built in-house meeting the most stringent certification requirements, our Substation Modules are pre-commissioned in our yard, providing customers with faster turnaround times for installation and commissioning on-site. All of our Substation Modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service in the most demanding locations.

Electrical Skids

Our Electrical Skids are complete integrated solutions, manufactured and tested at our yard for installation in remote locations. Depending on the installation location, we can provide Electrical Skids with certified Fire Rated Walls, ATEX certification or compliant to specialist HVAC requirements. We design, engineer and manufacture Electrical Skids that provide reliable and efficient power on-site using innovative and environmentally-sound methods.

Skid Packages and Trailer Mounted Packages

Our Skid Packages are manufactured and tested at our yard for installation in a variety of different locations. We have successfully integrated transformers within our Skid Packages on several high profile projects.

Centurion Accommodation & Modular can also engineer and manufacture Trailer Mounted Packages to provide you with a ‘plug and play’ solution, ease of scalability, reductions in manpower and resources on site, and shorter turnaround time for mobilization and demobilization.

Data Centers

We engineer, design and manufacture modular Data Centers, including modular building structures, required power, racks, rack PDUs, cable management, cooling systems, and more. All our Data Centers are scalable, highly agile and include specific power and cooling systems. Our Data Centers are manufactured in our yards and installed and commissioned on-site providing significant cost and time savings.

Blast and Ballistic-Resistant Buildings

Centurion Accommodation & Modular provides Blast-Resistant and Ballistic-Resistant Buildings, which can include virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar technical building. We have a rental fleet of Blast-Resistant Modules ready for sale or hire, which have a medium response rating, with 10 PSI at 200 msec.

Engineered to industry-leading safety specifications, each of our Blast-Resistant Modules adheres to the requirements of API RP 753 and 752 and, applies a proven, successfully blast-tested design. With our Blast-Resistant and Ballistic-Resistant Modules, we can provide you with bespoke designs and various layout options that meet your mission or site-specific requirements.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.