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Formerly ATR
and RentAir

Centurion Power & Equipment delivers best-in-class, results-driven temporary power, equipment and tooling solutions and rentals to keep your operations up and running.

Power & Equipment

Delivering best-in-class, results-driven temporary power, equipment and tooling solutions and rentals to keep your operations up and running.

We deliver best-in-class, results-driven temporary power, air, steam and rental equipment solutions for our customers globally across a number of industry sectors.

With a comprehensive range of efficiency-driven products to support and power our customers’ operations, Centurion Power & Equipment’s assets and expertise play a fundamental and essential part in any successful project.

Whether it's offshore, marine and subsea, onshore operations, renewables, industrial, food and drink, our assets and expertise support the successful delivery of projects time and time again. With the right tools, plant and equipment available, we can help you to meet your operational objectives, on-time, within budget and with efficiency at the forefront.

Products & Services

We supply tooling, lighting, heating, power generation, well support, lifting equipment and associated consumables from leading brands for use across the critical industries.

Our unrivalled track record and market-leading equipment range coupled with the unrivalled expertise of our personnel sets us apart from the rest. We are confident in our ability to support even the most challenging of requirements, and our customers know we can support them to get the job done right.

Power & Equipment Products

With over 40,000 rental assets across our locations, we provide:

  • Electric Driven Compressors and Air Compressors
  • Well Test Support Packages
  • Steam Generation
  • ATEX Cold Cutting & Grinding Equipment
  • Solar Hybrid Tower Lighting
  • ATEX Lighting & Power Distribution
  • Electric & Pneumatic Power Tools
  • Portable Blasting and Painting Equipment
  • Welding Equipment
  • ATEX Heating, Extraction and Ventilation
  • Rigging Lofts
  • Safety Tools Allmet
  • Heat Suppression
  • Temporary Power Generation
  • Methanol Fire Detection and Suppression



Our fully qualified technical personnel offer industry-leading inspection, maintenance and technical services, providing their expertise and guidance in a host of technical support areas.

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Low Carbon Technology & Services

We provide equipment from industry-leading brands, including the latest in low carbon innovations and technology, to help our customers get the job done on time efficiently, safely and sustainably. Our key low carbon technology & services include:

  • Electric Driven Compressors
  • UAV and ROV Inspection Services
  • Magnetic Crawler Hull & Tank Inspection
  • Librestream Remote Inspection Technology
  • Safety Tools Allmet
  • Ultrasonic Bolt Inspection
  • Solar Hybrid Tower Lighting
  • Wind Turbine Inspection, Maintenance & Repair


Lifting Technical Authority Services

Centurion Power & Equipment has unrivalled technical experience in providing a breadth of independent assessment and lifting support to clients, with some of the world’s largest energy operators enlisting our expertise to manage their lifting infrastructures in operations around the world.


For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.