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  • 09/02/2023


Centurion Accommodation & Modular and Centurion Fluid Filtration have combined strengths, designing a fit-for-purpose engineered solution for Verlume – a leader in decarbonization through intelligent energy management and storage technologies.

Verlume was in need of a subsea basket for use within the Renewables for Subsea Power project deployment in the UK North Sea, and approached Centurion to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution.

Centurion supplied a Step Change in Safety Basket, and with the support of our expertly-placed Engineered Solutions, a circular economy approach was taken to successfully convert and upgrade a basket to suit Verlume’s exact specifications. The custom unit was successfully delivered on-time, within budget, and is now ready for use as part of the deployment.

Learn more about Centurion Fluid Filtration.

Learn more about Centurion Fluid Filtration.

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