Covercat E-Mix Pneumatic Ram Mounted Heavy Duty Mixer Unit

  • Portable Painting Equipment

The Covercat E-Mix is an industry leading, air-powered mixer unit that yields quality results in a variety of different applications. Manufactured for use with heavy duty coatings, this machine improves mix quality and avoids handling and manual mixing.

  • Portable Cart with Anti-tilt Frame
  • Fully Guarded with safety interlocks
  • Ergonomically designed operator control panel
  • Components are mixed in supply pails by a three-paddle mixer blade
  • The pail is held in position by a hinged clamp piece
  • Guarding in place with interlock to shutdown system
  • Control panel mounted at rear of machine for safe easy use
  • Air-powered hydraulic lift pump with control valve for speed and direction is used to raise and lower the mixer
Portable Painting Equipment