• Soft Line Cutters

Key Features

  • Heavy duty hydraulically operated soft and fibre line cutting tool
  • Lightweight aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Diver or ROV operable design
  • Quick and efficient operation
  • Long blade life ensures that tool maintenance is kept to a minimum
  • Can be used at any water depth


  • Spares kit
  • Additional blades

What’s Included

  • SL80 Cutter
  • Operational hoses
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack

The Webtool 80mm cutter is a hydraulically operated tool for cutting soft and Fibre lines. It has a lightweight aluminum and stainless-steel construction.

The tool can be easily operated by an ROV, with the compliant handle fitted, due to open sided design enables the tool to be easily positioned on the line to be cut.

The long life of the blade reduces downtime for maintenance and cost of repairs.

The reasonably small size of the 80mm cutter also makes it perfect for use in confined spaces.

Soft Line Cutters