• ATEX Heating, Extraction And Ventilation

The SA CYCLONE Venturi is a market-leading air-driven ventilator that is tough, durable and highly efficient.

Exceptionally simple to operate and with no moving parts, the SA CYCLONE Venturi provides ventilation in the most extreme environments.

It operates on the Venturi principle of using small volumes of high velocity air (from a pneumatic supply or compressed air) and pushing the air through the cone body creating entrained air (pulling action) that induces large volumes of low velocity air through the cone and out of the air diffuser. And with the smallest unit weighing only 2kg, it is truly portable.

Flexible reinforced antistatic ducting and duct adaptors/couplers are also available, as well as earthing clamps and air hoses, giving a complete solution.

ATEX Heating, Extraction And Ventilation