Forum LVOT / LAOT (various options/various stroke lengths available)

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Key Features

  • Easy manoeuvrability by a ROV manipulator allows surface actuation of valves
  • Can be diver operated
  • Available with 2.5” Stroke and 5.8” Stroke Piston Assemblies
  • Can be utilised on both ISO 13628-8 Type A and ISO 13628-8 Type B interfaces

What’s Included

  • LAOT Actuator
  • LAOT Locking Head
  • Type ‘A’ to ‘B’ Conversion Kit
  • Operational Hoses
  • Operations Manual

The Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT) allows the control of subsea valves through the use of a hydraulically operated piston. This can be controlled by a manipulator via an ROV system, allowing valve actuation control on the surface, or via a diver using the suitably positioned handles.

The LAOT is assembled as two main parts, with the LAOT first being the locking head which mechanically connects to the valve and remains there for when actuation is required. The second component is the actuating assembly which connects to this locking head and provides the linear motion through a hydraulic piston.

The tool can also increase its stroke from 2.5” (64mm) to 5.8” (148mm) through the addition of a reducer and the changing of an override rod.

This makes the process extremely easy and allowing tool utilisation in a wider number of applications. The maximum force that the hydraulic actuator can provide is 100Te.

The tool is initially conforming to the ISO 13628-8 Type A interface, however the converter kit provided allows the same actions to be carried out on valves with a ISO 13628-8 Type B interface.

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