Fluid Injection Skid with IVP, Pressure and Flow Recording

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Key Features

  • Full proportional pressure control
  • Adaptable – can control multiple outputs
  • Robust design
  • Different pressure and flow options available
  • Multi-Purpose Skid

What’s Included

  • Multi-Purpose Skid with buoyancy
  • Skid Lift Frame
  • 10,000 psi IHPU
  • Subsea Gauges to monitor; system, Output A and Output B pressures
  • 65L reservoir
  • Operational hoses
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack


  • Spares Kit
  • Fluid Reservoirs
  • Alternative Ratio Pumps

The Fluid Injection Skid with IVP, Pressure and Flow Recording is suitable for connection to most work class ROV’s. The pin configuration is to fit the Triton XLX ROV as standard but can be adapted to any other work class ROV.

The Fluid Injection Skid is designed for various pressure testing and fluid injection applications subsea. It comes with a proportional 0-10,000 PSI IHPU and is designed to be used with a client provided Hot Stab.

The system comes with 2 x 200L soft fluid reservoirs which are compatible with Glycol, seawater and oil.

We can build fluid injection skids to a variety of pressure and flow outputs and welcome any new requests if the criteria specified here doesn’t meet your application.

Skid Packages