Electric Torque Tool – API17D or API17H

  • ROV Torque Tools

Key Features

  • Torque is measured by internal feedback with an accuracy of +/- 2%.
  • Torque limiting controlled with a closed loop motor current and strain gauge feedback. If torque limit is met it disengages.
  • Has a 125:1 multiplier where accuracy doesn’t change due to pressure of temperature changes.

What’s Included

  • Calibrated Strain Gauge Feedback Within +/-2%
  • Input Current Limiting and Alarm
  • Optional Communication (Rs232, Ethernet)
  • Turn Counter, Torque Output, Shaft Position Displayed Topside
  • Speed Limiting Alarming
  • Resolver Based Turns Counter Accurate to Less The 1/10th Degree of Revolution


  • API 17H Class 1-4

The Electric Torque Tool – API17D or API17H has been designed to provide a simple rugged and reliable product. The tool has a closed loop/position control system, allowing fine control and angular position feedback. Real time torque limiting gives very accurate torque feedback and control. The tool is suited to subsea and topside operations.

The Electric Torque Tool has also been designed with a latch system that locks the torque tool in place until disengaged or unless a power problem is encountered it automatically unlatches. Which is powered by an internal HPU.

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