Electric Driven Compressors

  • Electric Driven Compressors

New technology, improved performance and practically zero emissions. Centurion Power & Equipment offers a fleet of Electric Compressors delivering improved performance over their diesel equivalents while reducing emissions and helping protect the environment.

Supplied in DNV crash frames or in road tow format, these units have surpassed clients’ expectations in terms of robustness and operational cost savings. No daily maintenance. No servicing. No re-fueling. No stocking/controlling spares.

  • Extremely quiet: 61dB (A)
  • 233-178cfm, 72-174psi, 380v – 460v 50/60Hz
  • 466-360cfm, 72-190psi, 380v – 460v 50/60Hz
  • Fitted with integral aftercooler
  • Practically zero emissions
  • 50% lighter: 3200kg in a certified lifting frame built to DNV 2.7-1, 749kg road tow
  • Smaller in size compared to their diesel equivalents which brings some other benefits such as lower freight costs, easier to manoeuvre, use less deck space
  • Can be used in small areas with low ventilation (even indoors) without overheating, unlike diesel units
  • IP66 rated, which means they can effectively take a wave, unlike diesel units
  • Zero servicing, meaning no downtime or having to stock and control spare parts
  • 50% savings on operational costs
  • With a simple ‘plug & play’ set-up it’s possible to adjust the volume/pressure at the push of a button mounted on the control panel
  • No need for refuelling every 8 hours, thus reducing the amount of spills and hazards that can take place during this process
  • The electric units take away all the issues of dirty fuel (the most common reason for diesel compressors failing offshore is due to dirty fuel or fuel filters not being changed regularly).
Electric Driven Compressors