Class 6/7 Torque Tool Adaptor

  • ROV Torque Tools

Key Features

  • The tool can be purchased with or without a spring-loaded end effector and in-latching or non-latching configurations.
  • Requires no electrical or hydraulic interface, freeing the ROV to leave it in place and perform other subsea operations.

What’s Included

  • Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • Surface Test Jig and Readout
  • Standard Nosecone
  • Class 6/7 End Effector and Test Stem
  • Comp Bottle With Fittings and Gear Oil
  • Spare Kit
  • Vector Nosecone (Optional)


  • API 17H Class 6-7

The Class 6/7 Torque Tool Adaptor has been designed and manufactured to suit both API 17h Class 6-7 Torque Adaptors and for use in all standard API 17h interfaces.

The tool is ideal for subsea applications requiring torques of up to 25,000 ft lbs.

ROV Torque Tools