ATEX Lighting And Power Distribution

  • ATEX Lighting And Power Distribution

Centurion Power & Equipment is a specialist provider of ATEX rated lighting, heating, transformers and mains distribution equipment.

We hold a vast range of lighting options in our fleet, suitable for working both onshore and offshore.

Whether you require floodlights, linkable portable lighting, rechargeable LED work lights for hazardous environments, or tower ligths for yard use throughout the winter months, we have you covered.

  • ATEX 110v extensive leads
  • Slam Hornet Linkable Worklight
  • ATEX Rechargeable LED Worklite
  • 24V Slam Hornet Emergency Worklight
  • Evolution Junior Flood Lamp
  • 110V 4 Way STAHL Spider Box
  • 110V 4 Way CEAG Spider Box
  • SA Powernet ATEX MDU
  • 110V Cyclone ATEX Portable Fan
  • Transformers: 5kVA 240v-110v. EX II 2 GB-EExd IIB + H2 T3 T150° C
ATEX Lighting And Power Distribution