ATEX Cold Cutting And Grinding Equipment

  • ATEX Cold Cutting And Grinding Equipment

Centurion Power & Equipment is the exclusive UK Distributor for Safety Tools Allmet, providing industry-leading ATEX equipment options suitable for all your cold cutting and grinding requirements.

Air tools are specially designed to use with files and discs in hazardous work areas. They are designated safe to use in Ex dust and gas zones 1 and 2, and tested by DNV. The fragments produced after grinding with Safety Tools are easy to clean, large, and blunt.

This offers many safety and operational benefits compared to conventional tools. All of our grinding kits come with specially designed accessories that contribute to optimal safety and operation.

  • Ex-certified by DNV
  • No need for Hot Work Permit
  • No demanding Risk Evaluations
  • No job postponements
  • No need for habitats
  • No need for fireguards
  • No hot sparks
  • No dangerous sharp splinters
  • Low vibration (2.5 m/s average)
  • Low heat (30-60°C average) 
  • Low noise (80-85 dB average)
  • Average Roughness Profile of 40-75 micron
  • Disks and files are harder than an Industrial Diamond, which means they are long lasting. 
ATEX Cold Cutting And Grinding Equipment