• Centurion UK Rentals & Services
  • 16/06/2022


Scope: Increased activity and demand spurred on by the accelerating energy transition has created demand for efficiency-forward decommissioning solutions. Centurion Subsea Services set out to create timely, cost-efficient and sustainable decommissioning solutions on the back increased activity and demand spurred on by the accelerating energy transition.

Outcome: Dedicated to challenging conventional thinking and striving to expand their portfolio of bespoke engineered solutions, Centurion Subsea Services have launched a suite of crane deployed decommissioning tools focused on the removal of subsea pipelines and their surrounding protection.

The Centurion Subsea Services Mattress Orientation, Lifting and Extraction (M.O.L.E) tool has been designed to safely recovery subsea concrete mattresses during decommissioning activities. Deployed by the vessel crane, guided, and monitored by the ROV this tool ensures as much contact with the mattress area as possible to minimise the risk of falling parts if the mattress is not fully intact. The Centurion Subsea Services Pipe Recovery Tool is designed to safely recovery varying lengths of pipe from the seabed floor and return to deck or lifting basket during decom operations. It can be surface fed and controlled or Hot stabbed and ROV controlled. The tool consists of a load beam with two large pipe grabs positioned at either end of the tool with a total SWL of 16Te.